Bernard Kelly is an international bestselling author with his book Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions. From Working at McDonalds as a teenager to today owning two McDonald’s franchises, he certainly has the credibility of success. Bernard has worked for McDonalds his entire working life; including being the corporate Manager of 10 stores, leading over 1,000 people, with a turnover of $45 million and achieving results such a s best performing patch of stores in Australia.

Bernards methodology and teaching around success and financial intelligence is second to none. This is why he is now being asked to speak and provide valuable advice to businesses and individuals. His inspiring story will capture the hearts and minds of anyone fortunate enough to hear him share his experience. Passion stands out and Bernard is passionate about three things: McDonalds, Financial Freedom and Success. Bernard is the real deal speaking from conviction, authenticity and experience. He is a normal guy who is jargon-free and communicates complex issues with simplicity.

Bernard resides in Sydney, Australia, and now owns and operates two McDonalds stores in Sydney with turnover of $8 million PA.


Do you know your definition of success?
Has success been eluding you?

Using Bernard’s three critical questions, and four key elements of Flipping Success he will demonstrate, through his own success stories and many years of experience starting from the McDonalds fryer through to franchise owner, how to define your success and make it realty.

  • Listening to Bernard’s inspirational story, I was able to absorb the critical focus areas so that I can aspire to be a flipping success.

    - Victor Trieu – CEO of Switch on Coaching
  • “Bernard Kelly is an engaging speaker and with an interesting story. His passion for helping others achieve their dreams is evident and his content is delivered in a clear, concise message.”

    - Elliott Caras
  • “Bernard Kelly is an extraordinary leader and speaker. His tenacity and business intelligence is exceptional. Bernard’s content and intellectual property around building success on purpose is world class and he delivers it very professionally.”

    - Sam Cawthorn