Clarity – Clear on your values

Clarity – Clear on your values

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May 27, 2017

Bernard Kelly your leadership, business and success expert here.

I have found the best way to create incredible success is to do what THE FLIPPING SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO.

FLIPPING SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are clear on their values.

Flipping successful people know their values and they prioritize based on what’s important to them.

FLIPPING UNSUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are continuously searching for approval.

I have found that most people are not clear on their values and because of this find it hard to prioritize what is important and not important to them. Because of not knowing their values they find themselves doing things that are not helping them towards their success mission and as a result always doing things in search of approval from others.

I have also noticed that many people think they know their values, but most times those values are more based on what they would like their values to be, rather than how they actually live their lives. For example most people put family right up the top of their values but when you view where they actually spend their time, it does not reflect that family is a top priority to them.


Flipping successful people know their values and prioritize them.

Take the time to review your values and what is important to you. When you think you have worked out your values, review your schedule for the last month and see if you are prioritizing those area’s in your life. If you notice that you are not spending your time with the things you say you value, it is likely you either don’t know what your values are, or you are not prioritizing your values. Flipping successful people know their true values and where they spend their time reflects this.

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Until next time decide to do what THE FLIPPING SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO.

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