Clarity – Set goals and write them down

Clarity – Set goals and write them down

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Jun 03, 2017

Bernard Kelly your leadership, business and success expert here.  Clarity – Set goals and write them down

I have found the best way to create incredible success is to do what THE FLIPPING SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO.

FLIPPING SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE set goals and write them down.

Flipping successful people know as soon as they make a goal and write them down they have a 50% greater chances of achieving the goal they have set themselves.

FLIPPING UNSUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are too busy to think about their life.

I have found most people are running around being busy doing pretty much nothing, that makes any difference to their life and definitely makes no difference towards them gaining clarity and achieving the success they hope for. Let me ask you when was the last time you took the time to work out your goals? And if you have thought about your goals did you write them down? And if you did write them down how often do you remind yourself of the goals you are trying to achieve.


Flipping successful people take the time and think about their goals and write their goals down and remind themselves everyday.

During your 10 minutes of silences a day take the time to think of your goals and write them down and remind yourself of them each and everyday.

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Until next time decide to do what the FLIPPING SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO.

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