Clarity – Get Good With Silences

Clarity – Get Good With Silences

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May 15, 2017

Hi Bernard Kelly your leadership, business and success expert here.

I believe there are four elements that separate the flipping successful and the flipping unsuccessful.

Over the past few weeks I have been explaining the first element that flipping successful people implement in their lives. As you now know flipping successful people ASPIRE.

I shared with you the way flipping successful people ASPIRE.

Now it is time to move onto the inner step of element 1 which is CLARITY.

Flipping successful people have clarity. Over the coming weeks I’ll share the way the flipping successful people gain clarity.

I have found the best way to create incredible success is to do what THE FLIPPING SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO.


Flipping successful people know all the answers are in silences.


I have found that flipping unsuccessful people expect to wake up in the morning and expect magical change. What they don’t know is clarity just does not work like that. We live in a busy noisy world and most people never give themselves anytime to gain clarity because of the all the noise they have surrounded themselves with. Let me ask you when was the last time that you really experienced a moment of silence to give yourself the chance to think and gain clarity.

This is how most people’s life goes. They wake up in the morning with alarm clock blaring, Rush to get ready for work, get in the car turn the key and before they even have a chance to turn radio on music is already playing because the radio is already on. This is on the way to work and then the phone starts ringing and text messages start coming through and before you know where you are you are at work talking to people, taking phone calls, even when you are just sitting at your desk working, music is playing in the background and you get through your work day and you drive home with radio still on. You get home and now the TV is playing and before you know it you go to bed and within two minutes of laying your head on the pillow you are asleep. Another day has past with no silence and this goes on and on day after day week after week for a life time. This is no way to gain clarity and hoping for magical change is just wishful thinking.


Are you spending time each day in silence, reflecting on your day or are you waking up each morning hoping for a magical change?

 Start with Spending 10 Minutes a day with silence in your mind and within 30 days you will ask yourself how did you ever live without silence.

Thank you for reading

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Until next time, decide to do what the flipping successful people do.

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